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The Fireking instant lighting Swedish Candle, Swedish Fire Log or Swedish Fire Torch is a kiln dried log split like a cake and used as a small outdoor fire or light source. When placed stable and level upon the ground you can even cook on it.  All of our candles are sourced from sustainable woodland.


Instructions and safety

  • Only use outdoors and take sensible precautions

  • Place on a non-flamable surface

  • Keep 4 metres away from flamable items

  • Stand torch upright

  • Remove all packaging

  • Cut the knots and remove handle

  • Light the eco firelighter with a match

  • Keep children away and keep under supervision

  • Once burning do not move

  • Pour water on torch when finished using



Our Swedish candles are a natural product and when dried some may split and crack.

This will not effect the performance.